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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  May 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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(inhales cigarette) >> costumes and characters make it one of a kind and that means competition whispy and a touch of choose in the by-to-breakers brace. kenyans dominated the competitive portion of the race and plenty of police were on hand to crack down on public drunkenness in lewd behavior. cornell bernard has a good look. >> sky 7hd captured the standard. 40,000ers on the streetses of san francisco, over the hill and
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out to ocean beach. >> what an amazing place. >> reporter: isaac mwangi defended his title from last year. >> tell me the toughest part of the race? >> the toughest part is two miles to finishing. that is the toughest part. >> reporter: for others just finishing the race was tough, especially when you're running if a a 28-pound balance hoop. steph curry would be proud. >> i'm a warriors fan and i thought this would be fitting for curry being the mvp again. >> these folks gave a shot out to broccoli and kale. >> donald and hillary proved they're in a tight race. >> how was the race today, donald. >> donald approves of the bay-to-breakers. >> i have no comment. >> reporter: later the race became a street party in the
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lower haith. alcohol not allowed. the cloud is less rowdy this year. >> very well-behaved crowd. people having fun. >> reporter: not all neighbors agreed. >> we see poem come through, drunk, falling all over the cars and the police. >> reporter: police will be here until the x-rays street party wraps up. -- until the race and street party wraps up. >> isaac in wang guy from grand pairry, texan was the fastes man with a time of 35.23. the fastes woman is caroline chepkoech from boulder, colorado, her time was 40 minutes 36 seconds. tomorrow officials in an east bay city dogged by freeway shootings will vote on a high-tech proposal to clamp down on the violence, it involves posting cameras on highway 4. lilian kim is live in pittsburg
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to explain. >> reporter: most recent shooting on highway 4 happened on wednesday, but even before then city leaders were talking about installing cameras. johnson was pregnant with her fifth child when she was shot and killed in a car on wednesday, the third fatal shooting in 11 months. davis was stuck on the freeway when it happen. >> it scared everybody to get off the freeway. we were stuck for a great while. knew somebody was dead but we didn't know it was a senseless shooting. >> witnesses say the car was shot repeat odely by someone in a white mercedes, vague description but police hope to capture license plates and faces of the people opening fire. >> a way to protect our constituents. i can't be everywhere, nor can the police be everywhere at the same time. so it's a way for us to be able to see issues when they happen.
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>> the plan is to put two cameras on city's property along the freeway. the same type of cameras pittsburg has on the city, 80 total. they provide 360-degree views and can zoom up to a city block. the coast, $100,000. >> we need more cameras everywhere so they can catch these people. it's ridiculous. this is out of control. >> reporter: the council votes on monday. >> red-light cameras on the agenda tomorrow for san san mats city council. council members will decide whether to extend a camera with red flex for two more years. the vote comes a year after the city refunded fines to 1,000 drivers because the lights win from yellow to red too quickly. the cameras general rated $229,000 in revenue last year. rescue crews in saratoga scaled down a cliff to rescue a driver trapped in his car. the careened down an embank.
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this morning. the driver was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. >> details on a shooting in martinez. police released this photo of the suspect and identified her as dawn iverson, accused of firing a gun at man in a fight with her fiancee. the man was wounded. the incident began as an argument. both men were injured are falling into large plate-glass window. they're expected to recover. new details in the concord bee attack. the swarm of aggressively africanized bees is mostly gone and neighbors can go outside again. the bees killed two dogs and stung several people. most of the bees have been killed, only a few remain in the area. the problem was first reported on friday when amateur beekeeper went to check on his backyard hives and bees attacked him. now to the race for the white house.
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a tough few days for donald trump and today hillary clinton and bernie sanders are piling on ahead of the next primary contest on tuesday. mary bruce is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: a busy day on the campaign trail. >> we need your help big-time right here in kentucky. >> reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton both in kentucky, ahead of that state's primary. but the democratic front runner keeping her sights firmly on the g.o.p.'s likely nominee, donald trump. >> never heard such reckless, risky talk, from somebody about to be a nominee for president than i've heard from donald trump. >> reporter: clinton's camp slamming trump for refusing to release his tax returns. >> do you believe voters have a right to see your tax returns before they make a final decision. >> i don't think they could. >> what is your tax rate? >> none of your business, you'll see it. >> that's not the only controversy dogging the republican this week. from accusations he posed as his own publicist to a reporter from people magazine in the 1990s,
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something trump once reportedly admitted but now denies. to the front page of "the new york times," an article called crossing the line, holiday trump treated women in private encounters, accusationing the real estate mogul of unwelcome advances and unsettling workplace conduct. trump tweeting his response call can the story a lame hit piece, and adding, quote, i gave them many names of women i helped. they refused to use. bit the reporter tweeted back, calling out the candidate saying, a factually inaccurate tweet. we did interview and quote women his office suggests. >> ing thes he has to answer for. >> reporter: on this week the chair of the republican national committee admit his party isn't yet unified behind trump bus said the regular rules don't seem to apply to him. >> he has re written the play book. >> the san francisco bay trail is a bit longer today. the new 2.5-mile segment of the trail just opened. it's at the edge of the wetlands
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at sears point in sonoma county and aloud visitors to get a look at a growth of a marsh. the new path is linked to a one and a half mile trail that starts at point sonoma. the bay trail will grow to 500 miles around the entire san francisco bay. there's a new tribute today to harvey milk and it's in utah. the story is ahead. >> plus, the heart felt thank you. a giants fan who survived a vicious attack outside dodgers stadium attends an emotional reunion in l.a. then an update on a black cat that brought luck to the san jose sharks when abc7 news 59 continues. >> i'm drew tuma. we have gone -- warmed from five to 15 degrees from yesterday and the numbers keep going up and up. details in the forecast as abc7 news continues.
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>> thousands of law enforcement officers gathered in washington today to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. the 35th annual national peace officers memorial service was held at the capitol. this year the names of 252 fallen officers are being added 0 the national law enforcement officers memorial wall. a gay rights group in salt lake city held a dedication event for a street named after san francisco's pioneering gay leader, harvey milk.
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signs bearing milks name have beened ad to streets near martin luther king and cesar chavez. the move highlights the thriving lgbt community in the city. milk became one of the first openly gay men in the u.s. to win a seat in government in 1977 on san francisco's board of supervisors. san francisco giants fan brian stowe return to the medical center to thank those who helped save his life. he was keynote speaker at the trauma survivor. the father of two suffered brain injuries after he was attacked outside dodger stadium. pictures from the l.a. daily news show stowe kissing the hand of one of his nurses and joking with them. he launched a foundation to fight bullying. ahead, dog jumped into action to save a little girl from a deadly snake. >> i didn't know if they would be able to help him. >> and now strangers are in to help save him and return the favor.
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a live look outside. our temperatures are about to get a boost. a check on the hot spots with temperatures in the 90s ahead
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>> park rangers rescued owl ideas. they strong winds may have forced the owls out of their nests. a rescue dog adopted gamely two months ago has returned the favor in a big way. now the family is fighting to save his life. haus, a rescued seven-year-old rattled mollie when a rattlesnake came in the backyard. the dog jumped between the girl and the snake to save her life
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and was bitten three times. >> rescue dog paid it forward by protecting my family. >> i owe it to him to keep trying to save him. >> the family says haus is improving but needs more antivenom. people from around the world have given more than $52,000 to a gofundme page to send save haus. the san jose sharks good luck charge has a new home. a local family adopted joe pavelski on friday. named after the shark's team captain after appearing on the ice at the warmup. joe is getting care at. the sharks start the western conference finals tonight against the nashville predators. >> the warriors face the oklahoma city thunder in the western conference basketball finals. game one tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. at oracle arena, with game two on wednesday, also in oakland. the series then shifts to
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oklahoma city for games three and four, next sunday and the following tuesday. when i.e. should has been cheering on her husband steph curry she is getting your attention for her skills in the kitchen. sunset magazine shared these photos of her put on a cooking demonstration as they celebrated the outdoor kitchen and test gardens. thousands came out to see her demonstration, the accomplished chef is teaming up with a chef in san francisco starting next month. check in with meteorologist drew tuma now with the accuweather forecast. the weather held up for bay-to-breakers just like you said. >> fine firn tissue the weekend, nothing but sunshine, warm temperatures, and a lot of sunshine. the live doppler 7hd right now, baby blue skies, not a cloud to be seen. the live doppler 7hd is quiet. it's breezy out there. a gust of 37 at sfo, 26 in
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fairfield. 21 mountain view, as the sun goes down this wind is going ease so won't stick with us the entire night. the bay area is currently 62 in san francisco, mountain view 70. same in san jose, half moon bay, 57. they get down to santa cruz, folks soaking up the sunshine, the beach is where you want to be when you see the numbers headed our way. 81 santa rosa, 72 napa. a comfy 74 concord, and livermore, 71. tonight we'll separate the bay area in half in terms of -- the north bay is clear and the south bay will have overcast skies, u per 40s to low to mid-50s. here's the cloud cover focusing right along the south bay and along the coast. what you notice, it's a thin marine layer and that means quickly the clouds burn off bit 9:00 in the morning and then
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everyone is going to see the sunshine through the afternoon. highs monday, warmer than today. 79 in san jose, 77 cupertino. 76 in sunnyvale. along the peninsula, 70 san mateo, 74 in palo alto. 62 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 70. 81, warm in santa rosa, 79 vallejo. oakland tomorrow, east bay, 74. 76 in fremont. 75 castro valley, and inland we're warming up into the mainly mid-80s. 85 brentwood, 83 antioch, and 83 the high in fairfield. this warm and breezy pattern, you're sniffling, sneezing, here's why. grass pollen is high. also the uv index, very high. watch our temperatures take off. future tracker temperatures tuesday, welcome back, 90s, going low 90s inland, around the bay, upper 70s to low 80s,. a little cooler on the coast on
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wednesday and warm inland. watch out for thursday, bam. we all cool off and see the heat retreat. here's the forecast. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. sunny and another tuesday and wednesday, thursday we're classroom her and a slight chance of showers in the north bay, and next weekend, a mix of sunshine and cloud and temperatures below normal. so up and down in the temperature department. >> thank you. mike shumann has a preview of sports. >> a little bit of everything today. down to final four in the nba playoffs, toronto defeats miami, and the a's, valencia, a career day, three home runs. the details in sports next on
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>> warriors getting in the their final practice before their game tomorrow with okc. andrew bogut is questionable for monday nights a game. steph curry says his knee has not improved and now it's about pain tolerance the rest of the playoffs. this going to be an interesting chess game of matchups. >> i think that will be a theme in the series. the pace, and they like to play fast, too. it will be interesting to see the different matchups, different lineups both teams throw out there. >> each guy, each individual, does everything different, and some do something really well. that's going to be fun. they can go big, we can play small.
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going to be interesting. >> we're ready to get out there and compete. >> today the eastern conference finals. dwayne wade, 16 points, but kyle lowrie, with the slam. 17 points, 11 boards. raptors advance to their first eastern conference finals with a 116-89 victory. the series starts tuesday in cleveland. the month of may has been one to forget for the a's, entering today they lost 10-12 and last night they were shut one in tampa for the first time in all season. today they got a boost from danny valencia. career day. makes surely the a's won't get shutout. blasting a home run off matt
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moore. valencia razz -- valencia got a second but the a's still lose. then valencia does it again. a's win 7-6. they're book home hosting texas tomorrow. the giants trying to sweep the snakes. cueto hoping the bubble doesn't burst. brown line drives the first pitch he sees in the third. home run. 1 or giants. san francisco's only hit for eight innings, in the ninth. crawford singles to right, pence trying to score from second. the throw home is not in time. giants 2-1. bottom nine, umpires originally ruled a double play. no good, and arizona tied it up but after review they got it right. giants take it 2-1. their fifth straight win. a surprise move today by 49ers running back jarred hain, announcing he was retiring from the nfl to pursue another
5:26 pm
dream playing for the fiji rugby team. the 28-year-old australian signed as ondrafted free agent last march, appeared in eight games, and only had 17 carries for 52 yards with six catches for 27 yards and also returned punts. he gave the niners a spark in preseason as the best rugby player in australia trying to make the nfl team. he thanked the entire 49ers organization for the opportunity and will leave the door open for a returns and realizes with a new head coach with less experience, the olympics might be a petitioner shot. >> thank you. the -- a better shot. >> the biggest thrill for aviation buffs. we'll s
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at 6:00, there's new hope hat the bay area could be home to george lucas' pop art museum. and a popular east bay weekend event is back with which changes. what is new with the jack london square farmers market. that's at 6:00. take a look at this. the world's biggest plane brought a big thrill to thousands. it made its first stop in australia. was built to carry the russian space shuttle and now transports large loads. the plane is near lay football field from nose to tail, 275 feet. 290 feet from wing tip to wing tip. and this mission it's carrying 160-ton generator for a mining
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company. >> wow. >> that does it for us here at welcome to "world news tonight." the race for president. donald trump facing new questions about sexism. the front-page investigation into how the billionaire treated women over the years. trump calling it a "hit job." and president obama slamming trump today, describing a candidate not ready for the white house. day trip disaster. a bus crash killing at least eight people. a first look inside those terrifying moments. overboard. the desperate hunt for a missing cruise ship passenger. she disappeared in the middle of the night. the new clues showing how she fell off the boat. spring snow. the big chill in the east. snow in the middle of may. plus, parts of the south under water. and, declassifed. close encounters and ufos. is the truth out there?


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